Amdocs Product & Pricing Catalog

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Modernizes and accelerates financial services product management and more.

Amdocs Product & Pricing Catalog helps financial institutions decouple product and pricing from core systems across single or multiple business lines.

The Catalog’s no-code approach to product management modernizes financial services from the core to the customer by enabling innovation and personalization.

Business managers can explore unlimited product possibilities as they launch and manage product propositions themselves. Embedded compliance supports your standards within a dynamic product management process.

Amdocs engineered the Catalog with the recognition that the real value of core modernisation is often derived from the transformation of the entire value chain. That’s especially true when it comes to product-related process, like pricing and promotions, that may be scattered across lines of businesses. With the Catalog, you gain modern capabilities to define pricing and an execution engine that handles complex interest calculation including backdating, corrections, negative interest, and settlement. The Catalog also empowers you to create and launch promotions that reach across lines of business and take advantage of personalization to increase conversions.

The Catalog includes enterprise subscription and marketplace management, helping financial service providers to capitalize on the open finance opportunity. The Subscription Marketplace enables you to develop a revenue-generating partner ecosystem. Subscription management furthers the revenue opportunity by letting you bundle third-party services into product propositions.

The Amdocs Product & Pricing Catalog includes:

· Product Catalog – Empower business users with drag-and-drop tools for centralized and flexible product management and governance.

· Pricing – Manage rates and fees with a no-code approach.

· Billing and Charging – Bypass the core as you simplify pricing execution, interest calculation, and settlement.

· Subscription Marketplace – Grow revenue with partnerships and bundles thanks to seamless subscription management, onboarding, and integration of third-party subscription services.

Adopting a centralized product and pricing approach helps modernize existing legacy cores, reduce migration risk, and enables banks to provide their clients with innovative product propositions at speed while ensuring regulatory compliance and product governance.

Amdocs is a trusted partner to the world’s leading financial, communications, and media services companies. Product lifecycle management and pricing has been a central element of Amdocs’ global business for decades. It sits as a central component of many of our most valuable customer relationships today.

Amdocs goes beyond standard solution support with a team of 30,000+ people. Our teams have the expertise needed to deliver end-to-end transformation projects. Beyond product and pricing transformation, we help leaders realize modernization goals, including cloud at scale, mainframe modernization, quality engineering and automation, GenAI within regulated industries, and more.