Amdocs Product & Pricing Catalog

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Upgrade every customer experience with product innovation and personalization

Drive new revenue streams with dynamic product management

The Amdocs Product & Pricing Catalog helps enhance the customer experience and identify new revenues, through actionable insights that help find opportunities and gaps across the product portfolio. The Product & Pricing Catalog unifies product management and pricing across multiple lines of business, delivering a 360º view of customers. Tailor your bank’s approach to bring a “just-for-me” experience of banking and non-banking products offered. Whether from personalized promos, limited-time deals and bundled offers, all the way to information advisory, statements and in-process experiences.
  • Identify product gaps and opportunities: A centralized product portfolio makes it easier create, launch, and manage product ranges
  • Unify customer data to enhance offers and personalization: Optimize products and pricing with precise segmentation across your customer base
  • Grow revenues by easily bundling third-party services: Use APIs to easily add third-party partners, such as entertainment subscriptions, ESG conscious services, and open or embedded banking providers
  • Speed time to market for new products: Work faster with parallel workstreams, collaboration, and approval flows

Unified federated product catalog across all core systems The Amdocs Product and Pricing Catalog is a federated database catalog, providing a unified catalog of the entire bank lines of business. The Catalog is in sync, as a master or slave, with each of the bank product catalogs. This enables a complete and efficient management of all bank’s products, agnostic of the source core system.