Media Cop - Sentiment Analysis

oleh Data Semantics Pvt Ltd

Media Cop helps you unravel the voice of your brand over social media.

Social Media is full of noise and trying to make sense out of it can be a nightmare. Imagine if you can cut through all the noise easily and find the conversations that really mattered to your business. Media Cop deployed on Azure can do this efficiently.
Media Cop is a social media analytics solution which effectively transforms unstructured digital content into structured information. The outcomes of having such a solution is near:
•Real time analytics
•Social Brand, Keyword & Hashtag monitoring. 
The inbuilt Score cards reflects Voice of the customer, customer engagement levels and Competitor analysis for effective decision-making. Implementation of Media Cop helps customers:
•To boost the end user engagement and monitor various channels proactively to maintain and improve Brand Image
•Tracks Competitors to keep a pulse on social media activities & Campaign
•Monitors, tracks and measures with KPI’s built against Sentiments.