Join2ship the collaborative Supply Chain platform to digitalize your receipts and deliveries

This application is available only in English&French.

The main features are :

  • Management of transport orders and shipments (multi-pick, muli-drop)
  • Mutualization of transport orders, chartering and document sharing
  • 2000 carriers connected via EDI
  • Free mobile tracking application compatible with IOS and Android for carriers not provided with TMS
  • Planning pickup and delivery appointments
  • On-site real-time arrivals board
  • Shipment tracking tracking with geofencing
  • Sending anonymous tracking to customers
  • Performance indicator, KPI
  • Multilingual platform

Shipper, the delivery of your customers is a major issue

Delivery has become an essential part of customer relations: knowing how to deliver them on the date and time of their choice is essential. To do this, an efficient supply chain must coordinate multiple internal and external actors, while offering visibility to customers

Join2ship provides

  • The satisfaction of your B2B customers, construction sites, stores
  • Shared visibility in real time of your shipments
  • The productivity improvement of your transport operations and the ease of organising your goods pick-up
  • The benefit of sharing your shipments, reducing costs and the ecological footprint
  • The ability to insure the value of your merchandise at a lower cost

Carrier, the satisfaction of your customers is a major challenge

In an increasingly competitive market, your customers expect reliability, efficiency and delivery visibility from you. But how can you meet all these demands without exhausting your drivers and without a high IT cost?

Join2ship provides

  • Productivity gains, fewer emails and phone calls
  • A reduction in the waiting time for your drivers
  • A better service to your customers
  • Faster invoicing of your services
  • A digitalization of your transports without any investment

Customer, the good reception of orders from your suppliers is a major challenge

Industrials and distributors, the reliability of your suppliers' deliveries is essential. But today, without visibility on the delivery of your orders, you cannot plan and organize the receipt of goods in your warehouses or stores or anticipate a delay or advance.

Join2ship provides

  • Better service: you are delivered by appointment at the time of your choice and you are notified in case of delay or advance
  • Visibility and security of your received deliveries
  • A better productivity of your teams
  • A reduction in the risk of product breakdowns