Detego DC

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Cloud-hosted RFID software

Automated and efficient RFID software for warehouses and distribution centres Detego’s RFID-based warehouse software enables retailers to automate and dramatically improve their receiving, picking/packing and shipping processes in factories and/or distribution centres.

Inbound / Goods receiving

Complete fast & efficient receiving on an item level to compare against shipping notes from the factory and process store returns. This creates 100% inbound accuracy.

Pick & Pack

Our mobile application guides staff through RFID-enabled order picking and packing processes using handheld readers & audit tables.

Exception handling

Integrated into the process flow, Detego performs exception handling to troubleshoot shortages, surpluses or picking errors. Here you can also provide re-tagging capabilities.

Label printing

Our platform integrates with RFID label providers to ensure effective tagging at the factory or DC.


Perform outbound reads to gain proof of delivery and creation of item-level ASNs for stores. Here retailers can also process e-commerce shipments.


Fast and efficient handling of DC-to-store transfers and DC-to-customer to improve omnichannel capabilities.

eCommerce Returns to DC / DTC

Detego integrates with the WMS to quickly and automatically verify returns on an item level as they are processed back into the DC.

Insights & Reporting

Track the performance of all warehouse processes whilst receiving actionable recommendations and insights for each individual DC.