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Sales performance management tool

SalesScreen is a sales performance management tool that helps teams to be more focused, motivated and productive.

SalesScreen broadcasts new activities completed and milestones reached in real-time on TV-Screens across your offices, allowing the whole team to work as one.

SalesScreen allows you to create and manage multiple competitions, such as: Lottery, Gift Swap, Floating Trophy, Head-to-head, and a dozen more.

Repetition creates mastery but it can become boring. SalesScreen fixes this. When tasks are completed or goals reached, employees can progress through levels, earn coins and unlock real-life rewards in your team webshop.

You can't improve what you don't measure. SalesScreen lets you set targets and visualize progress towards them in real-time. Create beautiful dashboards to help your team focus on the KPIs that matter most on TV, mobile and web.