Unified Data Platform - Consulting Services

oleh DROOTOO Pte. Ltd.

Expert led Consulting Services | Remote | 3 weeks | RFP/Review/Design document

 Data Platform and Business Intelligence environment architecture, optimization, security and resiliency is a critical aspect for every organization. Our Data and BI experts, have provided cost-effective, secure, high performance, scalable, long lasting solutions to various organizations (Government, Defense, Private sector, Non-profits) across regions and industry segments for their data, analytics and reporting requirements. Drootoo believes in a unified approach to solve the challenges of data sprawl, data swamps and disconnected silos of data and applications.

Our expert led consulting services covers the entire spectrum of Microsoft data platform products, especially, SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Databricks, Azure Synapse, Power BI Business Intelligence, Integration Services ETL, Reporting Services reports, and AI, ML and related products and services. These include all supported features, including high availability via clusters or Always On, Disaster Recovery and other enterprise grade high performance, security and resiliency options.

Be it a sounding board for a new project or helping prepare and implement a Request for Proposal for application and infrastructure migrations, we are here to be an unbiased, trusted advisor and help.