Duality Platform

oleh Duality Technologies Inc.

Secure Data Collaboration

Duality was engineered to allow data driven enterprises to securely collaborate on data at scale, with unmatched accuracy and precision. Duality enables multiple parties to securely compute sensitive data, with privacy preserved and regulatory compliance assurance. Cloud and infrastructure agnostic, Duality seamlessly integrates with existing systems so users can set up collaboration projects with ease no matter the project scale or complexity. This allows organizations to unlock the value of their data, drive revenue, and amplify data efficiency across organizations. The platform can be deployed anywhere: on premise, in any cloud and hybrid.

Designed and built to intuitively solve the ‘how to collaborate while preserving privacy’ conflict once and for all, Duality enables data sharing and collaboration in a way never before possible. The platform expertly brings together cutting-edge cryptography and the foremost data science techniques to enable the most advanced and expedient secure data collaboration. In addition, the platform incorporates extensive complementary features such as schema alignment, data pre-processing, fuzzy matching and more - all while preserving the privacy of sensitive, confidential data.

Duality provides inherent data governance to manage the availability, usability, integrity, and security of the data in a collaboration, based on internal data standards and policies which can be determined by the collaboration participants. Among the governance features the platform can enforce are participant’s access to data, allowing specific computations, and role-based access control, cross teams, departments, and geographies.