eBMS Digital technology solution for Transport & Logistics

oleh eBMS Solutions Private Limited

eBMS Logistics and Forwarding Solution is a digital technology solution for logistics organizations

eBMS Freight Forwarding Solution gives you the visibility and automation you need to survive and thrive in today’s competitive global logistics market.

Cutting edge features include:
• Shipment planning and tracking - no task missed / time line missed
• KPI driven work flows - evaluate team efficiency, vendor efficiency
• Track & control profitability of jobs during shipment execution
• Minimize revenue leakage by default charges, configured with shipment planning & customer SOP
• Single platform for staff, counterpart agents, field operations staff, customers, vendors

Solution benefits:
• Standardised workflows - Efficiency and services levels assured based on standardised workflows for different FF business types
• Profitability tracking - Analytics & job margin tracking enables forwarders to focus on top and bottom line
• Manage revenues flexibly - Each forwarding shipment type and different shipping lines/ airlines charges patterns managed by configuration
• Boost productivity - With multiple integration points and simple UI and automation of DSR, employees focus moves up to customer satisfaction, upsell, customer retention.

This cloud based software enables sustainable growth and unmatched efficiency.