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Elastic Intranet - ready to go intranet portal

Elastic Intranet is a completely new approach to building a company’s intranet, simple to install and use set of tools (address book, organization structure, rooms and resources booking, events calendar, knowledge bases and much more) composed in a ready-to-go intranet in SaaS and on-premise model.

Forget about Web Parts and complicated SharePoint’s content editing. Our original content management system allows for quick creation of not only perfectly looking pages in consistent design but also all areas, like knowledge bases, resources booking, location maps and much more. All this without the need of technical skills or resources for architecture management.

Increase your creativity and productivity by using our over 100 prepared and ready-to-use blocks. Create beautiful articles, news and event pages. Publish galleries or build a bulletproof newsletter, and all this in a solid, responsive and consistent design.

Page elements (such as text, photos, maps, videos or forms) can be simply added by dragging and dropping them into a place.

Elastic intranet does not replace SharePoint’s UI or functionalities but sits next to it using all its best features. Thanks to that, any upgrade or migration will be completely painless and will not affect your intranet.

Installation will take few minutes and will not require complicated configuration, see how it works:

All features you can expect from a modern intranet:

  • Create and manage content: company news, company calendar with RSVPs, newsletter, extensive content tagging, comments, and recommendations, extensive navigation with mega-menu option, extended content types, content versioning, and easily manageable permissions
  • Use elastic and simple apps: address book, organization structure, extended user profiles, internal recruitments, location maps with dynamic floor plans, rooms and resources booking (Microsoft Exchange integration), content and documents search
  • Collect and manage knowledge: dynamic knowledge bases with knowledge articles, ideas bank, discussion forum, FAQ and Vademecum, document libraries, reports, and publications, ask an expert and training

Try Elastic Intranet for free for 30 days, or buy the full version and get ready-to-go intranet in SaaS model with included hosting and access to new features, which we constantly add!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at or visit our website:

You can also schedule a Skype demo session and let us show you all the awesome Elastic Intranet's features, just pick the date and time: