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XTRACT retrieves valuable data from outmoded voice archives, regardless of how it is formatted.

Did you recently upgrade to a new recording solution? If so, what did you do with the data in the old one? This simple scenario happens again and again. XOVOX XTRACT can help by ensuring that your old data will always remain within reach.

Many businesses and agencies record telephone traffic due to compliance regulations, record keeping requirements, or for analysis of customer service effectiveness. But many major recording platforms (including NICE and Verint) store the audio in a proprietary format (NMF files, TAR files).

Formats and storage media do not last forever. Our flagship XTRACT service helps organizations retrieve valuable data from outmoded voice archives, regardless of formatting.

Many organizations record telephone traffic, including stock trading floors, emergency hotlines, and contact centers. Sometimes, the recordings are retained for years, or even decades.

These voice logging systems, manufactured over the years by NICE, Verint, Genesys, Calabrio, Racal, Eyretel, Dictaphone, and many others, often archive the voice data in a manufacturer-specific format and into a variety of storage media such as hard drives, magnetic tape, optical disk, enterprise storage (Centera), or cloud. They are designed so that the archived recordings can only be replayed through same system that recorded them.

When these systems are retired, it often means the end of the road for the data trapped in their unreadable formats on outdated media.

Fortunately, XOVOX offers XTRACT, a service for complete retrieval of stored voice data records – without the need for the original voice logging system.

For organizations switching to a new call recording platform, our XTRACT service allows you to avoid retaining the old system for replay of the old calls, along with its pricey annual support contract. For companies that have years of recordings on magnetic tape (and perhaps don't even have the old logger), we can extract the recordings directly from the tape without the need for the old long-gone system. We convert the audio to an open format which is guaranteed to replay on any modern platform.

See our roster of supported systems. XTRACT can export call data from most voice loggers which have been used over the past 30 years.

We are flexible and will work with you to find the best method that comfortably fits your security model - we can do the work on-site, or remotely, or in the cloud or at our secure facility.

XOVOX has been specializing in giving our clients access to their voice data for over 20 years. Past clients include insurance companies, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, governments, law enforcement, call centers, and more.

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