Elfsquad CPQ

Elfskot SCM B.V.

Elfsquad connects the end customer to production, for a fully automated pre-production process.

Do you want to eliminate errors in quotations, errors in production, a lot of contact with dealers and much more frustration? Try Elfsquad CPQ.

Your customers demand customization. Your product package is becoming more knowledge-intensive. Your product has a very high variance. And your customer demand is unpredictable. Producers and sellers in the manufacturing industry can no longer close their eyes to the market trends of the Smart Industries. With major consequences of errors in the sales and subsequent production process.

Elfsquad loves the manufacturing industry and wants production companies to survive. And from that idea we started to develop the best CPQ software on the market. Because CPQ software is the basis for coping with all the current market trends.

With Elfsquad CPQ:
  • All your quotations are flawless. No matter how complex your product is.
  • You manage all your dealers in one web-based application.
  • You create sleek quotation documents, completely in your corporate identity.
  • You can link directly with Business Central, CAD, CRM and all your other business applications.
  • You use 2D & 3D renders, to make your product visual.
  • You create an online showroom for your products.

Elfsquad CPQ is completely under your control and no programming work is involved. Because CPQ has to sell for you, and your programmer is probably not your best sales man. Sales men can do what they do best again: sell your products. And engineers can finally focus on R&D.

Our CPQ software takes away the worries in your pre-production process. Curious what our software could mean for your business? Visit our website and request a demo:

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