Planner Aggregator (PAG)

oleh EMRIS, spol. s r.o.

PAG provides a manager view of all plans and tasks in your company at one place.

EMRIS spol. s r. o. offers a service that will create two time a day overview of all plans and tasks created by Planner application in your company.
Data are being stored in a SharePoint List, where you can filter trough Tasks by MS Teams, Plans, Assigned users, Deadlines etc. and you can give access just to people who need to see the overviews.
This tool is highly appreciated by managers or other leading roles, as Planner has nice overviews for the task owners, but not for the supervisors/managers/leading roles.
For example, with this tool as a department manager you can easily see all tasks within your department across all plans, even if they are not assigned to you and all at one place. Are you using a Team to represent a project? Use filters on the list to see all tasks just for the specific project, see if there are any overdue tasks, check tasks assigned to specific people and have the link for the tasks within reach so you can easily edit and review the tasks.
This service is available for plans M365 Business Basic (formerly O365 Business Essentials) and higher and can be localized in Czech/English both for implementation and support.