Ericsson Routes

oleh Ericsson AB

Ericsson Routes enables consistent and reliable connectivity to autonomous and connected vehicles

Connectivity is critical for mobility, and the shortest time to destination is not the only factor anymore when deciding the path from A to B. Maintaining connectivity with the right quality of service is as important for certain applications.

Ericsson Routes brings to autonomous and unmanned vehicles the awareness required to have consistent and reliable connectivity throughout the whole journey.

Ericsson Routes provides localized and updated connectivity information along a planned trip for all applicable wireless service providers. All from a single integration point and a single prediction engine.

If the vehicle has multiple wireless service providers, Ericsson Routes will account for all wireless service providers as needed to maximize the connectivity for the vehicle.


With Planning, you can analyze the wireless service in potential deployment areas based on your wireless Quality of Service (QoS) requirements:

  • Can my vehicles get the right connectivity in downtown Seattle?
  • Out of all of my customer's warehouses, which ones have the right connectivity to support my autonomous vehicles?

You can also use Planning to pre-map target routes using wireless QoS as the key factor:

  • What is the best way to go from warehouse A to warehouse B while maintaining the right connectivity?
  • Will I have the right connectivity all the way from Seattle to Portland?

On The Move

With On The Move, your vehicles can request the most up to date information for any given route from A to B:

  • Any changes in connectivity for the pre-mapped route from warehouse A to warehouse B?
  • What is the best way to take my passenger to her destination right now while maintaining the right connectivity?

And along the way, the vehicles will get push updates with connectivity changes:

  • Heads up! Based on the latest information available, you will now need to switch at this junction to your backup provider to maintain the minimum desired QoS
  • The QoS two blocks ahead have changed and it is now yellow instead of green