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midess - Create a secure digital environment with Microsoft Education.

The midess solution was developed thanks to the experience that our company gained during more than 10 years working with the schools. So far, more than 500,000 students, from all over the world, have used at least one of our solutions.

This is a product designed for "one to one" projects, where students and teachers use computers with Microsoft Windows as their basic tool for daily learning and task execution, either individually or in groups.

It incorporates all the necessary components required for digital education for children: a dashboard for remote configuration and monitoring of computers, an internet filter, a classroom manager, application blocker, geolocation, digital wellbeing functions as well as parental interaction. The fact that all these tools are integrated and coordinated with each other, makes midess a very useful solution not only for teachers or the ICT administrator, but also for families, enabling parental participation with their children's digital education.

For distributors, this is a product that allows access to new business opportunities, because in developed countries “one to one” projects are already a reality and every year, there are more schools that invest in computers for their students.

Starting a digital project without the tools that midess brings to play, makes this virtually impossible, and almost always ends in failure. This is either because families are afraid of their children accessing violent or pornographic content, etc., or due to the teachers' rejection at the lack of attention and distraction of students caused by computer screens, or by the mere fear of school management teams and principals that they will lose their prestige due to the latter reasons.

The midess software has been designed by Escudo Web Software with the collaboration of Microsoft and is intended for use only in Microsoft Windows environments. There are four essential Microsoft components in order to install and use midess: Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Intune, laptop computers with Microsoft Windows Education or Microsoft Windows Pro operating system and finally, the new Microsoft Edge browser.


This app is currently available in English and Spanish.