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You can handle the acquisition, processing, and archiving of all your laboratory data.

This app is available in Italian and English.

Eusoft.Lab LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) allows all laboratory informatics and processes to be computerized using a single, easy-to-use platform which is quick to set up and get started.

Eusoft.Lab is the latest generation LIMS solution natively designed as software as a service (SaaS), enabling you to access the software anytime, anywhere and benefit from high scalability and data protection.

Key Benefits

  1. Cloud-based: does not require any components installation by client side;
  2. Scalable: adaptable continously following laboratory’s needs, activating or disactivating at any time new users, new functionalities, new modules, additional storage, and more over;
  3. Secure: choose the geographic area of Microsoft data center to storage on data, requesting also georeplic procedures, in compliance to the norms ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, ISO / IEC 27018, SOC 1 and SOC 2;

More than 4,000 users worldwide currently leverage Eusoft.Lab LIMS for the effective management of their laboratory data and processes, in accordance with ISO 17025 and ISO 9001.

From sample planning to equipment, warehouse, and quote management, Eusoft.Lab facilitates the management of analytical data using best practices to improve laboratory performance and support business growth. Eusoft is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified and is listed in the Cloud Marketplace AgID.

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