Visual AI Platform

oleh Everseen LTD

See & Solve - reducing shrinkage, driving cost savings, & improving customer experience w/ Visual AI

Everseen is a world leader in real-time computer vision AI, pinpointing the next best action and transforming business operations in retail and more – using this dynamic intelligence to drive measurable value and improve the customer experience.

Our Visual AI Platform, with proven results for reducing shrinkage, driving cost savings, and improving the customer experience, is used in 6,000 major retail stores to prevent losses. The company has expanded its suite of products to transform the entire retail experience, from supply chain to inventory and self-checkout.

We are pioneers in business process reinvention, applying computer vision and AI models trained on real-world data to see and solve complex retail challenges. Our expertise and scale enable us to deliver the most accurate visual AI on the market and substantial measurable revenue gains for our customers.

Everseen is trusted by over half of the world’s top 15 retailers, to mitigate and reduce shrink, streamline operations, and deliver a better customer experience. Its computer vision AI protects a combined value of more than $400 billion in customer assets. Everseen processes massive amounts of data every single day – 275 years of video, 220 million products, found in over 20 million human interactions – delivering the next best action through real-time nudges and interventions.