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Predictive pricing for Retail and Consumer Goods top manager's daily decisions, to expand EBITDA.

Evo solves complex predictive challenges with powerful, intuitive and easy-to-use solutions. Value from automated supply chain decisions, every day.

1-5 extra points of extra EBITDA margin, already starting within 2 weeks of integration, for the COO, CTO and Head of Supply Chain of Retail and Consumer Goods corporates. Evo solves key advanced analytics challenges:
  • initial pricing
  • dynamic pricing
  • optimal promotions
  • churn management
  • markdowns.

Award-winning predictive engine, powered by over 3 Petabytes of data, 270 person-years of R&D, 6 academic partners, 1 goal: sustainable tools that managers actually love to use every day.
  • high prediction accuracy
  • substantial profit impact
  • Harvard Business School case study
  • 3 patents pending
  • rapid uptake.

50+ billion decisions assessed and recommended every day, leveraging cutting-edge predictive analytics & machine learning that are fully integrated with the Microsoft stack: Azure cloud, SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, as well as web web and API delivery.

Deliver guaranteed 10x ROI with evo today.