Dealer Management System

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Digital solutions for Sales and Distribution Optimization and ERP for distributors and dealers

Today's customers are spoilt for choice, bombarded with information and offers unlike earlier. Customer loyalty levels are dwindling, and hence it is imperative to provide rich Personalized experience to Customers. For businesses to succeed, they should have a CRM 360 degree Customer View information and provide this visibility across functions like sales, marketing and customer service. 

This ensures customers have a seamless experience every single time leading to more Customer Loyalty and reduction in lost salesExcellon 5 makes sure that its customer management system includes all the processes and applications required to manage the customer relationship efficiently


Effective Lead Management capability allows the staff to manage leads with respect to capturing lead information, Reminder follow-ups, Product Demo/Test management, Auto assignment of leads to Teams, assigning priority to leads.


Our CRM Software Solution gives customer-facing staff detailed information on customers' profile, purchase history, buying preferences and concerns. Having Customer Information means Dealerships/Distributors can strategize Up-Selling and Cross-selling to their Customers. Structured Marketing strategies can be designed using this system to encourage Existing Customers to buy more of the same Products.


Track Campaigns, feedback and Complaints through Multiple channels including Email, Digital, Social, Mobile Application, SMS , Websites, Advertisement, etc. Even track effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and money spent on any marketing channel by tracking the source of your customers.


Extend CRM Investment by using Excellon Call Center Management Software. Understanding Customers concerns, queries, feedback is at the center of any Company's Sales and Marketing division.


A complete solution for execution and analysis of customer driven marketing campaign