IMHOTEP medical application

oleh Exquitech

360 degree medical application targeting Doctors, Patients and clinics across all specialties.

Imhotep is a dynamic Clinical/Aesthetic web application, which is compatible with all platforms and browsers and can be accessed from any computer, tablet or mobile device. All medical activities are automated between the doctors, Therapists, Assistant and their Patients

Imhotep is specialized in its advanced, unique and professional web portal, which includes all clinical management modules. The system targets doctors and clinics across all specialties.

It is a complete software that handles all interactions between patients and clinics, from appointment reservations, to doctors’ diagnosis and treatments.

A patient’s medical history can be easily accessed from the system and mobile app. All the medical data are stored and centralized in one secure database, from which advanced custom dynamic reports and statistics can be generated.

The system is characterized by its unique interface and high performance and includes a Patient mobile applications, Doctor mobile app and a web application accessible anywhere at anytime.