EY Net Zero Transformation

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Supporting organizations through their Net Zero transformation

Solution overview:

EY Net Zero Transformation provides companies with reliable data and full visibility of carbon footprints to make sound future decisions. It helps them select, prioritize and monitor the right intervention pathways and investments for their business. This results in a lower-risk transition that will accelerate the client’s sustainability journey, facilitating them to model decarbonization strategies and support planning, management, and delivery of broad decarbonization.

Solution benefits:

Deliver material decarbonization faster with less risk, at a lower cost:

  • Receive full carbon visibility and value chain transparency.
  • Facilitate bigger impact with better decisions, drive change through the value chain and continuous optimization.
  • Identify, deliver and track the right interventions to net zero with the best underlying funding and capital allocation.
  • Engage your suppliers to record and reduce emissions.
  • Evidence low carbon in your products to sell ‘net-zero’.
  • Gain market and consumer trust by delivering proven emission reduction.
  • Allow greater certainty of outcomes, managed risks and improved governance.