EY OpsChain Traceability

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Bringing trust by transparency into any supply chain

Solution description

EY is helping organizations to transform so they can give consumers, business partners and regulators the transparency they demand in ways that create lasting business value. The EY OpsChain Traceability solution, enabled by Microsoft’s Cloud for Retail, provides the trusted platform for traceability within an ecosystem. Our full range of business and technology capabilities helps clients deliver long-term value by improving brand equity, revenue and operational performance. The solution is part of the EY OpsChain product suite, built on the EY Blockchain SaaS platform. The platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure and the solution runs on the public blockchain network to help connect unlimited number of the participants on the same network to share important information in a private and secure way. 

Solution benefits

  • Support value exchange across the ecosystem of multiple parties and track key information about the product such as:
    1. “Environmental, Social and Governance” (ESG) - Carbon emissions, water consumption
    2. Provenance — geo location, certifications
    3. Financial data — early payment discount, cost breakdown.
    4. Regulatory data — type of product, origin, content
  • Associated benefits with exchanging value across multiple participants can be :
    1. Facilitate track-and-trace across the ecosystem to reduce non-value-added movements/touches
    2. Improve visibility around inventory levels across end-to-end supply chain
    3. Decrease levels of disparate data and number of ad hoc interfaces and data management tools across the ecosystem
    4. Provide real-time data to support effective decision-making
    5. Automate administrative processes, contracts and payments across ecosystem partners
    6. Communicate clear and proven information on product authenticity, origin and composition
    7. Share data from production to distribution, making certifications and validations available to consumers available
    8. Increase amount of customer data, facilitating greater product personalization
    9. Increase alignment and communication across ecosystem partners mitigating quality and safety risks