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The only contact directory that encourages collaboration between companies

When your company works together with other companies, it might be inconvenient that your corporate address book only contains the contact data of your own employees.

Federated Directory gives you the ability to combine multiple corporate address books into a group. The users in a group are able to find each other's contact information.

You can invite users from other companies to a group and add the users of your own company automatically. 

You can create a new or integrate your current corporate address book. We support Google, Microsoft, Okta or OneLogin and others through our open connectors.


  • Cross platform.
    The companies you connect with, do not need to use Office 365 or Azure AD.
  • Up to date.
    Since we connect with your current corporate address book, all contact data stays up to date.
  • Advanced contact search.
    Filter and search contacts based upon company, division, department, job title, manager and name.
  • Stay in control.
    You decide which contact data is available in your Federated Directory and which information is shared between the users in a group.
  • API first.
    Your Federated Directory data can be integrated in your own applications.

Use cases:

  • Collaborate with other companies.
    The most successful organizations work together with other organizations. The companies you connect with, do not need to use Office 365 or Azure AD.
  • Complex company structures and mergers.
    Think about holdings, franchises, government or educational organizations. They usually consist out of a multitude of smaller organizations, that have their own corporate address book or handle their own IT.
  • Single point of contact data.
    Instead of integrating your application with a multitude of corporate address book API's, just integrate with Federated Directory.

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