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Make your students analyze a document and comment on the topics provided by you.

What is Comprehension?

The Comprehension pedagogical tool gives instructors the opportunity to upload documents for students to review, recognize and prime on specific topics to guarantee a better understanding of study material.

Why is Comprehension useful for learning?

Comprehension helps students better process study material by priming them on specific topics and making them actively process study materials. It also enables them to take advantage of their peers’ knowledge and makes the often dull task of reading a document interactive and more engaging. There are many learning activities teachers can organize using this Comprehension module. Examples are:

  • Students read a text using the SQ3R method (University of Amsterdam)
  • Students can analyse a text in a more structured manner, according to preset core concepts
  • Students can start annotation-based debates around various themes, enabling social learning

  • How does Comprehension work?

    Comprehension aims to improve student learning activity by allowing instructors to select topics on a document which the students will have prime and annotate on. By doing so, students are actively processing the study deliverable and apply pre-existing knowledge which results in an increase in the understanding of the provided study material.

    This is supported by transparent analytics, information on possible intervention moments, and straight forward moderation.

    This module was designed with ease of use in mind. Therefore, depending on the teacher’s didactic method, it allows them to create extra activities such as:

  • Discussion on statements put forward in the document
  • Priming students thinking by asking them to annotate on specific topics
  • In-line discussion on the document content fueled by participation grading
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