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Improve collaboration skills of your students with group member peer assessments.

What is Group Member Evaluation?

The Group Member Evaluation pedagogical tool gives instructors the opportunity to get insights into the feedback process. Students can reflect on the collaborating and contributing process within groups.

Why is Group Member Evaluation useful for learning?

Group assignments is a practice that is often used in education. In fact, research shows that collaborative learning can be extremely effective because it encourages students to reflect on their group contribution (Liu and Carless,2006, 5-12). Additionally, by asking group members to evaluate each other’s contribution, free riding can be eliminated. As such, group member evaluation will improve both the critical thinking and involvement of students.

How does Group Member Evaluation work?

Group Member Evaluation is a tool used by team members to evaluate the performance of one another based on criteria carefully selected by instructors. This tool facilitates the process of evaluating group members and makes the process easier and more efficient for both students and instructors. With this tool, instructors can get a grip on the performance of the whole groups as well as individual members. This is supported by transparent analytics, information on possible intervention moments and straight forward moderation. This tool was designed with ease of use in mind. Therefore, depending on the teacher’s didactic method, it allows them to create extra activities such as:

  • Students give feedback on their peers' collaboration skills (HULT IBS)
  • Peer assessment of collaboration skills to personalise group grades (Deakin University)

    • Important pedagogical features

    • Evaluating the quality of review
    • Adding extensive rubrics and criteria options
    • Adding anonymity
    • Personalised group grade
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