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Get your students engaged with articles online with inline questions and discussions.

What is Interactive Document?

Instructors can add discussion topics and practice questions within documents. Students can engage with the document and sharing how the document made an impact on their view on the study material and answer topic questions provided by the teacher.

Why is Interactive Document useful for learning?

Reading books or articles is an important study activity that takes place in almost every course. However, students are often only passively reading the content. By adding interactivity you will increase deeper learning, as well as making the process more engaging and rewarding! There are many learning activities teachers can organize using this Interactive Document module. Examples are:

  • Students recap the previous lecture in a Q'n'A or discussion session (ie Business School)
  • Students make connections between a shared image and prior learning (Erasmus University)

    • How does Interactive Document work?

      With Interactive Document instructors can add a layer of interactivity to the document in order to ensure that students actually process instead of only passively reading the document. Both instructor and student are able to start discussion topics on the document or ask questions which will be visible to others who read the document. By encouraging exchange and discussions, instructors ensure that the content is actually processed and understood. This is supported by transparent analytics, information on possible intervention moments, and straight forward moderation. This plugin was designed with the firm belief that its ease of use will determine its success. Therefore, depending on the teacher’s didactic method, the plugin allows them to create extra activities such as:

    • Discussion on statements put forward in the document
    • Priming students thinking by asking questions that will be answered later
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