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Make your presentations interactive by adding questions to your slides.

What is Interactive Presentation?

Instructors can quickly add interactive questions within their existing presentations, a more wholesome, thematically guided lecture experience can be achieved. In-class debates are also streamlined, displaying multiple students’ opinions or answers in real time.

Why is Interactive Presentation useful for learning?

Interactive Presentation makes lectures more effective, as students are encouraged to actively participate in class, as well as pay more attention. There are many learning activities teachers can organize using this Interactive Presentation module. Examples are:

  • Students anonymously answer controversial questions and discuss them together (TU Eindhoven)
  • Students answer pre and post lecture multiple choice questions (University of Amsterdam)

  • How does Interactive Presentation work?

    Interactive Presentation aims to increase interactivity during lectures by allowing instructors to embed questions to their presentation. When the instructor is presenting live, students are able to join the presentation and actively engage by answering multiple choice and open questions.