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An insurance technology as a service platform helping insurers to grow, innovate and stay relevant.

FintechOS is an insurance technology as a service platform for enterprise insurance companies needing to drive growth, accelerate digital transformation and defend against disruptive market entrants.
FintechOS accelerates the development of E2E insurance products by allowing non-technical staff to create, test and operate powerful omni-channel applications including customer facing services. Insurance companies can deliver data-driven services to new markets 10x faster, shorten purchase lifecycles and cut development/operating costs by 75%.
FintechOS’s proprietary self-service framework allows teams to develop and operate E2E insurance products built on custom data models that constantly evolve through each application’s lifecycle. The only platform in the market to offer insurance companies access to AI, process automation, customer 360, payment gateways, identity authentication and document management on one platform.
FintechOS bridges the gap between new business models (omni-channel, digital self-service, customer centricity, digital distribution channels or core operation automation) and latest technologies (Digital Process Automation, Digital Identification & Biometric, OPEN API, Internet of Things, Natural Language Processing, Data Analytics and Machine Learning) in a unified framework that accelerates digital transformation.
FintechOS adoption has a massive transformative potential across the entire company, from product and underwriting, marketing and distribution to servicing, operations, claims and risk management. It provides end-to-end insurance solutions for policy management, quotations or claims administration from back-office thru mid-office, to front-office web and customer-facing app interfaces.
FintechOS is based on a micro-services architecture, enabling enterprise insurance companies to launch modular, agile and flexible apps one by one or in parallel, based on the specific milestones of their own digital transformation roadmap. The time-to-market it provides allows insurers to quickly capitalize on the value of their innovations and gain competitive advantage.
FintechOS cloud deployment infrastructure enables some parts of the business to scale up and scale down faster, without disrupting other parts of the business, while ensuring cost predictability and consumption dead in line with actual business growth.
With a portfolio of EUR 10 Billion managed assets by clients like ERSTE, Vienna Insurance Group, Orange Money, Hyperion Group (Howden, RKH, Dual), TBI Bank, NN or Idea Bank and operations on three continents, FintechOS is constantly ranked among the most important technology players in the financial industry.