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We know how to deal with local regulations, payments, value added taxes, and receipts.

Middleware solution

fiskaltrust's middleware platform simplifies integrating multiple countries and baseline features into POS software. It supports different markets with a direct mapping from the POS system to the middleware, minimizing the need for customization. The middleware abstracts away fiscalization and payment logic, providing a clean interface for developers to work with.

Open source approach

The middleware is open source, which means that the code is publicly available on GitHub for anyone to contribute to. This approach reflects fiskaltrust's values of trust, fairness, and openness. We believe that working with partners and the community is the best way to achieve mutual benefit and success.


The open source approach has several benefits for businesses and developers. By contributing to the middleware, businesses can help shape the direction of the project and improve its functionality. Developers can leverage the middleware to simplify compliance efforts and focus on their core business. The platform's partner-based approach also provides access to a network of over 500 integration partners and 800 commercial partners who distribute the middleware to more than 100,000 merchant outlets and process over 3 million unique receipts per day.

Benefits summary

  • Complying with fiscal regulations in various countries
  • Saving time and resources on implementing fiscalization
  • Accessing a range of tools, services, and APIs throug the fiskaltrust.DeveloperHub
  • Receiving ongoing monitoring and maintenance of fiscalization rules and changes in fiscal law.

The open source fiskaltrust.Middleware provides a valuable solution to the challenges of POS compliance. By abstracting away common POS functionalities and supporting multiple markets, the middleware simplifies development efforts and allows businesses to focus on their core operations. Its open source approach also enables collaboration with partners and the community, providing mutual benefit and success for all parties involved.

fiskaltrust offers a range of innovative solutions for fiscal compliance. These are designed to help businesses comply with local tax regulations and requirements related to electronic cash registers and other point-of-sale systems. fiskaltrust's solutions are based on cutting-edge technology and are designed to provide a high level of security and reliability. They are fully compliant with local tax laws and regulations to help businesses reduce the risk of non-compliance and avoid costly fines and penalties.

In addition to software and hardware solutions fiskaltrust offers consulting services and support. The company's software is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with existing point-of-sale systems and provides a range of functionalities to help businesses comply with local tax regulations. Our hardware products provide a high level of security and reliability and are backed by comprehensive warranty and support services.


fiskaltrust provides POS creators with a comprehensive solution to comply with fiscal regulations. POS creators can integrate the fiskaltrust.Middleware into their POS systems to ensure that they comply with tax regulations in various countries and simultaneously save time and resources that would have been spent on implementing fiscalization for each country. Additionally, the fiskaltrust platform provides continuous monitoring and maintenance of fiscalization rules and changes in fiscal law.

Beyond that POS creators can benefit from the fiskaltrust.DeveloperHub, which provides a range of tools, services and APIs that enable POS creators to easily integrate with the fiskaltrust platform. The fiskaltrust.DeveloperHub also offers detailed documentation and support to assist POS creators in implementing the fiskaltrust solution quickly and efficiently.

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