Fletch - Early Warning System for Microsoft

oleh Fletch, LLC

Discover cyber threats sooner than ever before with the Microsoft products you already own

Fletch gives organizations of all sizes the context to live ahead of cyberthreats. Trusted by 1,000s. We know what threats matter to you. We give you all you’ll need to tackle them.

Fletch simplifies Contextual Threat Intelligence (CTI) for you…

  • Your earliest warning system. As your first line of defense, Fletch scans the entire threat landscape to find the threats on your horizon.

  • A threat intel team in your back pocket. Every day, expect Fletch to show you exactly how your exposure to cyber threats changed

  • Your personal cybersecurity advisor. Fletch outfits you with mitigation advice and comms to deal with every threat on your horizon

Connect your Entra ID, Microsoft Defender, and/or Github Dependabot in minutes to prioritize and contextualize the threats to your business

  • Entra ID + Fletch: Get hidden security insights out of Entra ID. Know the threats targeting the technologies you own. Know the threats targeting the locations you do business in.

  • Microsoft Defender + Fletch: Prioritize your vulnerability and malware alerts. Get the advice you need to resolve threats fast.

  • GitHub + Fletch: Prioritize your code base vulnerabilities. Get the advice you need to resolve threats fast.

In addition, broaden your exposure coverage with Fletch’s industry and external tech threat tracking


  • Always be ahead of cyber threats. Fletch is 3-5 days ahead of any other source. You can finally live proactively and prepare for the threats that will hit you from a distance.

  • Automate your busy work. No one has the time or ability to do the endless threat research, data correlation, and triage at the scale and speed of the evolving threat landscape.

  • Have 24/7 access to cybersecurity expert advice. People need to rest but AI never does. Fletch’s AI works with our in-house teams of experts to give you comms and mitigation advice as every threat evolves.

  • Get continuous white box pen-testing. Use external tech exposure to check compliance boxes, stay ahead of customers, assessments, and keep your obvious entry points up-to-date. Zero data connection required.

  • Keep tabs on your internal tech. An automatic inventory of all your SaaS apps, who’s using them, and any security issues. No more shadow software.

  • Be up on Industry threats. Human centric threats like phishing campaigns sneak past vulnerability scanners and endpoint tools — now you can take action without expensive subscriptions to industry trade groups.

  • Never be surprised by geo threats. Know where your people are, the threats that target them, and keep them informed on the risks they are exposed to/could bring back to the org.

Our premise is simple. The threat landscape is vast and confusing. Everyone’s threat exposure is wider than they can cover. No team can keep up with correlating and prioritizing the signals. You need to make it happen. That’s why we created a sophisticated AI machine that works with human expertise to contextualize and simplify it for you.

With Fletch, you're not just protected; you're empowered to thrive in the face of evolving cyber threats —start living ahead of threats today.