oleh Flowlity

Simple SaaS planning solution to manage inventories by synchronizing your Supply Chain

Flowlity is a SaaS platform that provides real-time inventory and replenishment recommendations using machine learning and AI. We bring visibility and trust within the supply chain. . Our holistic view and our replenishments algorithms at a SKU per Location enable us to forecast accurate future demand and replenish regarding the constraints (MOQ, Lot Size, Full Truck…)
Our solution can seamlessly be integrated to any ERP and analyzes data in order to make predictions. It then sends recommendations to each stakeholder on the exact level of stock to have and when to replenish.
Above that, Flowlity has been built since the beginning as a network and we connect suppliers with you in order to replenish optimally without the need of sharing data. Flowlity thus allows Supply Chain Directors / Managers to divide their inventories by 2, and avoid stockouts and overstocks by -10% to -60%.
Flowlity supports leading companies such as Danone, La Redoute, Plansee, Saint Gobain, or Cartier in their planning and forecasting of their inventory since 2018.