Footprints AI for Financial Services

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The revolutionary technology that leverages customer behavior data to drive hyper-growth for FSI.

Footprints AI offers a revolutionary solution for the Financial Services industry (banks, insurance, brokers, non-bank financial services, investment houses, lenders, finance companies, real estate brokers) to achieve your business objectives and improve your digital KPIs. Our AI technology leverages customer behavior data to drive growth and increase profits for your financial services organization.

Here's what Footprints AI can do for your Financial Services business:

  • Rapidly launch an omnichannel retail media offering in just 3 months.

  • Generate significantly higher profits from retail media, with scalability and faster ROI.

  • Gain valuable insights into customer behavior, beyond the data collected through apps or loyalty programs.

  • Improve conversion rate, in-branch traffic, and sales through AI and location data.

  • Identify new communities for expansion.

Footprints AI uses customer intention data to predict and influence purchase decisions, providing lower costs, faster time-to-market, and increased profits for financial services companies and your portfolio of financial services. On top, advertisers can pay up to 10 times more for targeted campaigns using your customer data.

Our data and AI technology can help you optimize your media investments, saving up to 50% on your media budget and driving more retail traffic and sales.
In addition, with Footprints AI, your financial services company can provide a paid-for ad service to other brands, increasing value for both the customer and the advertiser and boosting profits for your business.

Join the retail media revolution and launch your omnichannel retail media offering in just 3 months, while generating 10x more profits.

How can Footprints AI benefit your FSI business?

With the financial services industry facing various challenges such as declining customer engagement, increased competition, and the need for digital transformation, Footprints AI provides a solution to help you overcome these pain points and increase profitability.

Footprints AI leverages customer behavioral data to provide valuable insights into your financial services customers' behavior and preferences, helping you optimize your business operations and boost your ROI. Our AI technology uses customer intention data to predict and influence their financial behaviors, offering you a competitive advantage in the market.

Through our solution, you can tap into a new source of revenue by offering targeted advertising opportunities to other financial services, insurance companies, and automotive brands. These advertisers can pay 8 to 10 times more for campaigns that target your financial services customers, using specific predictions about their financial behavior to deliver highly relevant messaging at different stages of their financial journey.

Our solution helps you increase the efficiency of your media investments, driving more traffic and bigger sales, and potentially saving up to 50% on your media budget. With Footprints AI, you can launch your omnichannel retail media offering in just 3 months, generating 10x more profits for your financial services business.

What are some practical examples in the financial services industry?

  • Utilize Footprints AI's solutions to identify and target customers who are most likely to open a new account in the near future.

  • Use predictive behavior insights to understand the top 20 reasons why high-value customers have not yet taken out a loan with your bank.

  • Target potential customers with personalized marketing campaigns that highlight the benefits of switching to your insurance company.

  • Direct targeted digital advertising only to customers who are most likely to engage with them, as determined by their online behavior.

  • Use real-time data to predict which customers are likely to visit your bank branches tomorrow, what their most pressing needs are, and how you can best serve them.

What you can achieve and what's in it for the end customer in the Financial Services industry?

  1. You need to improve customer engagement: The customer will receive personalized offers and recommendations for financial products that best meet their needs and preferences.

  2. You need to enhance customer experience: The customer will receive real-time, relevant information and assistance on financial services products and services through multiple channels such as mobile app, online banking, self-service online insurance or voice assistants.

  3. You need to increase customer loyalty: The customer will receive rewards and incentives for their banking activities and purchases, as well as seamless and secure banking experiences.