ForePaaS Azure

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End-to-End Data Platform: build, deploy and scale applications and algorithms

This application is available in English and French

ForePaaS harnesses cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure automation to deliver industry-grade data projects. We bring together Data Engineering, Data Science and mass-deployed Business Intelligence to let you build and scale applications and algorithms in a fast, scalable and reliable way.

Deploy an Azure-based environment under 4 minutes and leverage ready-for-production components to turn raw data into business application. Through our low-code and user-friendly interface, you and your team will be able to manage everything from data collection, preparation, and models training, to data restitution, whether it is via API or interactive dashboards.

Take advantage of ForePaaS' Marketplace at any step of the pipeline to connect all types of data sources, whether they are internal, external, IoT or social networks... Use our world-class integrated frameworks in machine learning and front-end to explore and visualize your data the way you want it.