Insights Accelerator

oleh FortressIQ

Process intelligence for the modern enterprise - AI-powered insights into current state operations

FortressIQ is built on Microsoft Azure to decode work using innovative computer vision and artificial intelligence so you can transform experiences and enhance workflows. The platform delivers unprecedented process insights, extremely fast and with detail, accuracy, and coverage unattainable with traditional methods, and without worker disruption or application log files. This automated, human-level observability acquires process data at scale, empowering organizations to understand current processes with actionable data to make informed decisions for sustainable digital transformations.

FortressIQ and Azure enable you to:

  • Identify current processes disrupted by remote and hybrid work, degraded by errors and friction, and exposing your organization to compliance and control risk so you can optimize and automate more consistent, more productive ways to work. 

  • Quickly turn process intelligence into automation at scale by identifying ideal automation candidates, understanding process nuance and intricacies for less post-automation rework, and surfacing activities that need more human attention and documentation.

  • Improve organizational accuracy and security throughout your organization with constant process monitoring to highlight deviations, better understand how tasks and data move across applications, and tightly align technologies to your business transformation goals.

  • Elevate employee and customer experiences by understanding the reality of how workers work and customers engage, and then codify best practices to deliver an improved experience to everyone.