Majesco Billing for P&C

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Majesco's industry-leading billing solution for Property and Casualty insurance core systems

Powerful, Scalable, and Proven

Billing for P&C, the insurance industry leader in enterprise billing management, is a proven, scalable solution that helps you address changing billing and payment demands through a flexible platform that provides rapid, quantifiable business results achieving a new digital level of agent and customer access and self-service.


Billing for P&C supports all P&C lines of business for all bill types including Direct, Customer Account, Agency Statement, Agency Account Current, Wholesale, List/Payroll Deduction, Deductible Billing, with flexible user-defined payment plans.


Effortlessly configure Billing for P&C to match your specific business requirements driving maximum value for your organization. Stay agile and responsive in a dynamic insurance landscape with pre-integrated partner digital payment platforms, and as your business evolves, maintaining a competitive edge.


Experience seamless support for multiple currencies, enabling insurance companies to conduct global business effortlessly while ensuring accurate bookkeeping.

Revolutionize Billing with Advanced and Innovative Capabilities

Embrace the future of billing by swiftly adapting to changing market and customer demands through highly configurable modules, services, and partners.

  • Leverage our robust ecosystem of partners to access expanded capabilities, data, and services, empowering your business to thrive.
  • Seamlessly set reserves, make payments and recoveries in different currencies, and gain comprehensive visibility into detailed transaction tables in both the system and transaction currency.
  • Experience automated processes that provide flexibility and leniency towards fees, late charges, and collections, ensuring smooth operations even in unexpected circumstances.

Secure and Efficient Billing Processes with Advanced Features

Safeguard electronic payments with dynamic behind-the-scenes checks and balances, ensuring secure and efficient control of transactions.

  • Seamlessly process ACH and Credit Card payments with frictionless and secure integration using Electronic Bill360 and trusted payment gateways.
  • Access real-time billing information and make payments conveniently through our secure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) portal.
  • Offer a variety of payment options, including guest payments, one-time payments, and automatic recurring payments, to cater to diverse customer preferences.
  • Efficiently manage flexible commission contracts, track changes, and provide comprehensive details on incentives, commission plans, and timely payments.

Optimizing Business Intelligence and Financial Visibility

Gain quick-to-value and cost-effective business intelligence with pre-configured mapping of metadata, standard reports, and dashboards.

  • Access and utilize data more effectively through seamless pre-integration with built in analytics.
  • Enhance visibility and generate best-practice reports for trend analysis and market refocusing.
  • Improve cash flow and obtain an accurate picture of accounts receivable, with a special focus on addressing problem accounts.