Majesco L&AH Intelligent Core Suite

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Industry-leading L&AH insurance core solution for digital transformation

Unleash the Power of Intelligent Core

Intelligent Core Suite for L&AH unlocks a world of possibilities by harnessing the power of data and AI to revolutionize insurance operations and empower business growth across individual, group, voluntary benefits, and innovative new products on one powerful platform. Our solution addresses legacy debt and accelerates digital transformation to meet the demands of customer centricity and operational effectiveness, all while keeping you at the leading edge with its forward-thinking cloud-enabled platform. Experience the transformative potential of Intelligent Core Suite for L&AH, where cloud technology drives innovation and propels your business to new heights.


Propel your L&AH insurance business to new heights with our innovative and agile Intelligent Core Suite for L&AH. Harness the power of cloud technology, data analytics, and AI to unlock growth opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.


Streamline your operations and boost efficiency with Intelligent Core Suite for L&AH. Say goodbye to legacy debt as you embrace digital transformation, improving customer-centricity and operational effectiveness for optimized outcomes.


Put your customers at the center of your business with Intelligent Core Suite for L&AH. Leverage data-driven insights and personalized offerings to enhance customer experience, fostering loyalty, and satisfaction while staying at the leading edge of the industry.

Power Your Business with a Versatile Single Platform

Our powerful single platform supports carriers in seamlessly managing individual, group, and voluntary benefits while ensuring portability, multi-tenancy, optimized operations, personalization, and rapid product introductions.

  • Enable multiple insurance carriers, underwriting companies, and TPA’s to leverage a genuine multi-tenant platform for seamless operations.
  • Enhance operational efficiency by harnessing extensive data on policies, billing, and claims, while leveraging personalized experiences, informative cues, real-time notifications, AI chatbots, and automated documentation.
  • Rapidly introduce innovative products, streamline administrative processes, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Streamline Operations with Advanced Configuration and Integration Capabilities

Accelerate new line of business setup and launch using our business-centric configuration studio, leveraging pre-defined features, templates, and workflows for rapid innovation. Seamlessly integrate individual dental administration and optimize group interest-sensitive LOB processes for streamlined operations.

  • Set up and launch new lines of business effortlessly through our innovative business-centric configuration studio.
  • Drive rapid product innovation and launch by leveraging our extensive library of pre-defined features, templates, rules, calculations, and workflows, inheriting, and copying attributes for improved efficiency.
  • Seamlessly integrate and streamline individual dental administration on a unified platform, ensuring smooth workflows.
  • Streamline and optimize the end-to-end process for group interest-sensitive lines of business, incorporating interest calculations and efficient account maintenance.

Accelerate Market Adoption

Stay ahead in the market by quickly adapting to changes and delivering value promptly. Leverage advanced technologies, including microservices, APIs, cloud, digital capabilities, and AI/ML, to maximize operational effectiveness and foster innovation.

  • Leverage an ecosystem of cutting-edge technologies that includes microservices, APIs, cloud, digital capabilities, and AI/ML to maximize operational effectiveness and innovation.
  • Reimagine the way you work with MajescoGPT, the world’s first generative AI insurance platform.
  • Leverage intelligent claim analytics, to make informed decisions, and effectively minimize financial losses.

Enhance Operational Efficiency and Performance

Scale your operations seamlessly to handle increasing volumes of data, transactions, and policyholders without compromising performance.

  • Optimize straight-through processing to achieve competitive market position and realize true speed to value.
  • Utilize intuitive dashboards displaying real-time data to make data-driven decisions, monitor performance, and identify areas for improvement.
  • Ensure performance is not compromised while scaling operations to handle growing volumes of data, transactions, and policyholders.