Majesco Loss Control

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Majesco's Best-in-class AI driven loss control survey platform

Manage Risk and Underwriting Profitability

In today’s world of shifting and growing risk, the imperative for insurers to stay ahead of the risk curve is more crucial than ever. With a proactive approach to identifying risk that can help prevent losses, safeguard policyholders, and elevate customer experiences, Majesco’s cutting-edge Loss Control solution rises to the occasion. Loss control should not be limited to complex, high-risk scenarios, but extended across the broader portfolio using self-service capabilities, seamless automation, and seamless integration into core operations.


Loss Control represents the pinnacle of automation, streamlining the entire survey life cycle from inception to completion. Driven by data from Majesco’s expansive contributory database of survey data, our digital and intelligent tools takes loss control to a whole new level.


Experience the industry’s most extensive repository of survey data, encompassing over 2 billion observational data points from 16+ million meticulously completed property surveys conducted by trained risk engineers in the field. These surveys, rigorously quality-assured, encompass a staggering 200+ million tagged photos, providing the ideal foundation for harnessing the potential of machine learning.


The risk characteristics contained within the database are used to create models that can determine how much risk there is for almost any specific given property. Take a picture of an electrical panel, a hot water tank, a roof, a backyard, and the software will automatically analyze and match it against the 200+ million photos in the database to provide quick and useful analysis.

Automate & Streamline Loss Control Surveys

  • Automate the survey life cycle from creation to completion, streamlining the process for insurers.
  • Seamlessly integrate data from Majesco’s contributory database, third-party sources, and inspection companies for efficient loss control tasks.
  • Enhance operational efficiency and reduce manual efforts, allowing insurers to focus on core business activities.

Data Driven Insights

  • Access the industry’s largest set of survey data, comprising over 16+ million property surveys and 200+ million tagged photos.
  • Leverage innovative AI and machine learning to gain valuable insights from the extensive data repository.
  • Make informed decisions, improve risk assessment, and optimize underwriting profitability based on data-driven intelligence.

Enhanced Risk Accuracy

  • Utilize AI-enabled property risk assessment models to precisely determine risk levels for diverse properties.
  • Analyze images of crucial components such as electrical panels, hot water tanks, roofs, and backyards for accurate risk identification.
  • Proactively address and mitigate potential risks, leading to improved loss prevention and safeguarding policyholders’ interests.