GE HealthCare Command Center

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Real-time data to support the highest quality of care, improve outcomes & reduce clinician stress.

What is GE’s Clinical Command Center? “Clinical Command Centers” or “Command Center” is a business unit of GE Healthcare that helps caregivers and health systems routinely deliver high-quality efficient patient care. It does so by helping organizations to design clinically efficient health systems; and to achieve next level daily patient care operations powered by real time1 information. This work is critically important because patient care never stops, is incredibly complex, lives are at stake, and constant information sharing is required to bring mission critical capabilities to bear. In this environment, a few things are essential for success: • Real time and complete information • Connected sub-teams • Decision rights.
GE Healthcare Command Center Addresses Need For:
  • Central Command Center- New processes, org. structures, real time information, and a purpose-built space bring next-level accountability, culture and performance
  • Connected Operating Systems-Refine and reinvigorate the daily operating system that connects nursing units, ICUs, surgery, procedures, ED, imaging, laboratory, pharmacy, therapies, dialysis, bed management, transfer center, staffing and all the reset in the daily patient care ballet; emphasis on multi-disciplinary rounds, huddles, proactive expediting practices and shift hand off driven by connected and smart real time information
  • Capacity Strategy-Develop and align leaders to a data-based clinical capacity plan for the next 3 - 10 years using a simulation model to test system performance in various scenarios... Which services at which hospitals? On which units? How many beds by level of care? ED bays? PACU? How much average ED and PACU boarding? How much capacity for each clinical service? When and which cohorts to decant?
Why do caregivers like GE’s Command Center solutions?
1. Save Time. Less searching for information, fewer paper notes, fewer mouse clicks, less rework and less stress because the information was out of date or incomplete.
2. Better Flow & Quality. Patients get care sooner, with less waiting between steps, and with higher clinical protocol compliance.
3. Unify Cross-Functional Teams. Nursing, physicians, case managers, therapists, techs, labs… work together more easily with less confusion and wasted effort.
Why do healthcare organizations like GE’s Command Center solutions?
1. Save Money. Saving caregivers’ time at scale, reducing lengthof-stay and filling “whitespace” generates huge cost savings.
2. Better Throughput & Outcomes. Better unit-level performance leads directly to better throughput and clinical performance.
3. Grow. Eliminating bottlenecks, creating capacity, streamlining schedules and simplifying access attracts physicians and patients needing patient care