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Risk Integrated Management Tool Software

MIR is Management Solution’s answer to integrated risk management, unifying the regulatory and management views under the same customizable and modular platform, offering  a global solution both from the regulatory and the risk management point of view, maximizing the consistency and exploitation of the risk information obtained by every area of an Entity. In a changing and competitive environment like the current one, an adaptable integrated risk solution becomes necessary, enabling a nimble decision making process and reducing the timings of putting into production new strategies.  MIR includes the following functionalities

i) Policies and Model Manager – Risk Assessment Tool: analytical environment focused on covering all the risk decision model´s life cycle, allowing the analysis of automated strategies (score + rules) and allocation of responsibilities; ii) Campaign Manager: enables the assessment of a target population by integrating risk models and policies ; iii) Alerts and Portfolio Manager: allows to define and monitor alerts (portfolio, customer, product, etc.) for key risk indicators (volume, late payments, expected loss, capital, RAROC, etc.); iv) Risk Parameter: contains all attributes necessary to estimate risk parameters (PD, LGD, CCF), enabling its exploitation using data mining tools; v) Regulatory Compliance: covers the needs relating to provisions and capital calculation and regulatory reporting (Basel Pillars I, II and III) and provisions according to IFRS 9 standards and country-specific regulatory requirements; vi) RAROC and Pricing: allows entities to measure different risk-adjusted profitability levels through the PRICING driver, adjusting pricing policies to align them with their target profitability; vii) Stress test and Capital and provisions planning: allows you to create capital planning and provisions stress scenarios considering internal and regulatory solvency targets and provision levels; viii) Scorecard: includes a complete and customizable risk scorecard enabling analysis at different aggregation levels as well as the creation of multidimensional reports.

The different modules are implemented across more than 100 financial institutions. 

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