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Tired of wasting time filling out expense forms & photocopying receipts? Get Gorilla Expense!

Gorilla Expense takes the pain out of expense reporting through our simple and powerful platform, thereby providing 100% visibility of T&E spend and offering savings through automation.

Gorilla Expense was selected from several global companies and sponsored by Microsoft to showcase innovation in T&E expense reporting at the prestigious DEMO Conference. Gorilla Expense was also selected by CIO Review Magazine as 10 Most Promising Microsoft Dynamics Solution Providers 2019

Below are some of the reasons why we are the #1 choice for Microsoft Dynamics customers for the last 10+ years -

Key Benefits:

  • High user adoption - Because it is crazy easy to use
  • Manage receipts with ease with our fastest and most accurate AI based receipt scan engine.
  • Maintain compliance - Auto flag duplicates, incorrect receipts and expense policy violations
  • 360 degree visibility on employee spend including corporate credit cards
  • Pricing includes inbuilt integration with Dynamics 365 - no need to involve a 3rd party
  • No tricky contracts
  • Quick Go-Live (within 4 weeks!)
  • Included responsive free support - unlike our competitors who can take several weeks to resolve issues, you will hear back from our support instantly!

Key Features:

  • 100% online responsive and secure design
  • Reconcile corporate credit cards, business cards and P-Cards. We integrate will ALL US and Canadian financial institutions and several global banks as well
  • Automatically create expense reports for corporate cards (including attaching receipts!)
  • Code to Dimensions as well as Jobs/Job Tasks
  • Track mileage expenses using Google Maps
  • Use our included 'Receipt Box' to sync receipts across devices. Receipt Box will scan receipts for you and automatically merge them with incoming credit card expenses.
  • Split Feature, GST/VAT feature & more
Key Industries:
  • Healthcare - Track budgets for 'Continuing Medical Education' expenses by employee
  • Life Sciences - Track aggregate spend by HCP
  • Professional Services - Track spend by jobs / task

Sign Up now - First 5 reports are always free each month. These reports can be used for testing or production

Once you have signed up, you should hear from us and we will assist you with the setup if you need any help. Or you can contact us at