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Intelligence on Disruptive Technologies and Digital Innovation

GrowthEnabler has created the first AI and Algorithm based global intelligence platform that provides global enterprises the fastest way to leverage disruptive technologies, business models, and digital product innovations born out of the global startup economy.

The business need and purpose: To create a democratised route-to-visibility between Global enterprises and high growth startups using AI. Both groups needs to find a seamless way to collaborate and work together to drive new business models, products and customer experiences. The most pertinent challenge facing senior leaders today is that they cannot keep pace with the ultra-fast changing digital economy and are under extreme pressure to move quickly to create new business models that drive revenues and create efficiencies using new disruptive technologies.

Over 85% of Business leaders believe their industry will change substantially by 2020.

Over 45% of future revenues will come from Digital business.

Over 75% of the S&P 500 is expected to churn and massively change by 2025 = new brands, new companies that don't exist today will emerge, and many of names we know won't exist in the future.

To compound this pressure, the global startup economy is growing rapidly too. Over 1.78m startups in the world. This figure will mushroom as new startup markets and ecosystems grow in India and China.

So, how will enterprise leaders buck this trend?

More evidence. In just 3.5 years, 40 unicorns have grown to 300. With over $400 billion of venture capital investment in them.

The most valuable companies in the world are tech disruptors and startups - with a market cap of over $2.5 trillion.
So how can large enterprises and their leaders think and act in a digital way? Like startups. How can they act with speed (The new currency of business). The answer: GrowthEnabler Pii.