Hope Care, SA

HCAlert - Build Hospital@Home

1.1 - What is HCAlert?

HCAlert is a telehealth cloud base solution that allows to collect health data from patients at home. It implements automated clinical rules and procedures in order to alert health professionals about the patient’s condition. This allows to deliver remotely a secure and fast medical assistance for a better care.

1.2 - Purpose of system

HCAlert includes remote patient management and vital signs monitoring, as well as patient empowerment to increase self-management capabilities and adherence management. Stabilizing patients in the comfort of their homes, avoid exacerbations and deteriorations and therefore (re-) hospitalisations.

HCAlert allows to focus on the whole patient with all their needs, which means that the co-morbidities are addressed as well as the primary condition:
- Respiratory diseases
- Diabetes
- Obesity

1.3 - One Platform, several solutions

The HCAlert provide the option to serve a wide range