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Using your calendar, kilometers generates an estimated commuting time to help optimize your journey

KILOMETERS IS A SMART COMMUTING ASSISTANT THAT OPTIMIZES URBAN MOBILITY AND REDUCES CO2 EMISSIONS. Using your calendar, kilometers generates an estimated commuting time to help optimize your journey. As well as saving you time, kilometers promotes sustainable solutions for your travels. Set it and forget it! kilometers connects to your calendar, creating its own secondary calendar with all your commute information.

Enterprise use cases:

- Field service: generate commutes related to work orders or client meetings. - Corporate car sharing: detect airport or inter-site travels that can be shared with your colleagues. - Fleet management: update vehicle data and analyse mobility needs. YOUR MOBILE COMMUTING APP Track your daily commute and preferred modes of transport with kilometers! Check your route in real-time via the app to discover the most efficient or sustainable ways to get from A to B based on current traffic. Based on your user profile, kilometers adapts to your preferences and favorite routes, offering alternative plans to help save you time. SUSTAINABILITY We help our users to understand and optimize their commuting efforts, to help reduce CO2 emissions. We’re also partnering with the most CO2 effective mobility-on-demand partners to promote their services within the kilometers app. kilometers is also committed to improving corporate carbon footprints. At the business level, we assist our clients in setting up CO2 emission dashboards.