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Smart Building solution providing a comprehensive view of the operational performance and uses

Smati allows you to 

- Improve maintenance performance with remote monitoring services

- Reduce energy cost through Analytics services to better understand and therefore reduce Energy & Water consumptions

- Monitor and understand air quality and sanitary risks. 

- Provide an information on how space (meeting rooms, open spaces, parking, etc..) is being used and delivers key insights to decision makers

Smati collects data from different sources such as sensors but also from any other sources like equipment such as BMS systems, heating systems or customer data as well as external web information. All those data are being ingested, modeled, analyzed and controlled to guaranty authenticity, quality, tagging and property

SMATI also enables you to :

- calculate your own business indicators (consumption per rented room, per m2, hour etc.) making it possible to control consumption and associated uses very simply

- benchmark your buildings and help decision making on renewal

- build you own dashboards and business reports  

- get predictive modeling tools to optimize your business performance 

Target industry : Maintenance, Hospitality, Real Estate, Retail, Cities