I9 - CORE Insurance System


I9-CIS is a complete insurance platform, which allows you to acellerate your digital transformation.

This Application is available only in Portuguese

The I9-CIS is a complete platform that allows you to create products, set pricing parameters, define risk criteria, quote generate, proposals generate and issuance, as well as integrate with legacy policy management, claims, services and all the value chain of the insurance industry.

The CIS-I9 is ​​aimed at insurers and basically serves the Insurance Industry.

The system is designed to support the following functionalities: Broker Portal, Customer Portal, Marketing, Underwriting, Sales, Issuance, Renewal and Endorsements, as well as integrations with Inspections Providers, Customer Score Providers, collection, debit and credit cards, Claims, chassis validation, etc.

Through the platform, the insurer can configure well defined and segregated access profiles with functions for Underwiters, Commercial, Operational, Product Managers, Marketing, Branches, Brokers, Advisors, Agents, etc.