Intelligent Chatbot

oleh Imago Intelligent Chatbot with industry-focus is proud to introduce our AI-driven chatbot solution, which aims to enhance the quality and service level of customer service over digital media.

Intelligent Chatbot on Microsoft Azure

Our solution comes with 2 major components:

  1. Interactive chatbot - the chatbot user interface which allows our clients to plug into any digital media such as website, messenger, mobile, etc.
  2. Business insights dashboard - Based on our industry-specific knowledge, our chatbot engine analyzes conversation and classify users into different profiles.  Combining users' behaviors and their history, we can provide business insights at a brand new level.

Highlights and Features:

  1. Industry-Focused - the Intelligent Chatbot has knowledge on specific industries (real estate, food and beverage, etc.). Thus, without extra training or customization, the chatbot is already smart and knows how to response to common questions within these industries.
  2. User Profiling - Intelligent Chatbot can set up profiles for users by remembering users’ preference, most frequent inquiries. With this information in memory, the Chatbot can offer the most suitable response to users without repeating the same questions every time.
  3. Insights Analytics - Based on AI machine learning, NLP models and raw data collected during chatbot conversations, Insights Dashboard analyzes users’ information and behaviors. It helps gain a deeper understanding of your customers and thus give new business perspectives.  

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