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Secure blockchain-powered traceability features to your already existing legacy information system.

Precedence is the first open source ledger allowing non blockchain specialist to put in place a transparent, immutable, and cryptographically verifiable transaction log with a minimum effort and fully integrated to their existing database or file system.

Precedence is compliant with multiple data sources:
  • File system
  • SQL databases
  • noSQL databases
  • Stream processing

By connecting your data source to precedence you automatically get:
  • proof-of-existence on every data connected
  • proof-of-ownership compliant with your PKI
  • automatic versioning system for every pieces of information

All these features allow you bring secure blockchain-powered traceability features to your legacy information system.

Precedence is agnostic to the data type considered and can be use to bring immutable and undeniable traceability to every data that you already operate in your information system. Your system is most likely already compliant and there is no need to apply modification to it to start using precedence.

Precedence is open-source and can be used independently from inBlocks. If you want to, you can rely on us for hosting the solution for you, supporting you during the deployment and providing you a very strong SLA. All this can be made possible by using our scalable precedence SaaS platform.