INETCO BullzAI Payment Fraud Prevention

oleh INETCO Systems Ltd

Advanced ML payment fraud protection from fraud and cyber attacks, without false positives.

INETCO BullzAI® provides financial institutions, payment processors and retailers with a unique solution to the challenges posed by real-time payment fraud, internal fraud, DDoS attacks and advanced persistent threats (APT). Utilizing real-time User and Entity Behavioural Analysis (UEBA) to monitor every transaction channel in real-time, INETCO BullzAI dramatically reduces false positive rates and prevents fraud other solutions can’t even detect. In addition to payment fraud, INETCO BullzAI detects and prevents sophisticated modern payment network attacks including DDoS, DDoS ransom, insider BIN and terminal attacks as well as man-in-the-middle attacks. INETCO BullzAI provides an essential layer of protection to your existing payment fraud and cybersecurity infrastructure. It automatically detects signatureless and zero-day fraud and cybercrime attacks other solutions cannot, and blocks them in real-time before funds are irretrievably lost.

A unique sensor network captures, decodes, correlates and analyzes complete network, application payload, and transaction timing data that other cybersecurity and fraud offerings cannot access. Automatically and surgically blocks individual malicious transaction at the message level, not the network IP address and port (as existing WAFs and WAAPs do). Individual legitimate transactions are not blocked. EUBA matches the known behaviour of usage of every user, card, device and entity on the network to each new transaction for far greater risk scoring accuracy, false positive reduction and cybercrime detection.

Benefits include:

Increased Revenue-fewer false positives, higher transaction completions, improved customer experience;

Improved Efficiency-reduced time to triage fraud incidents, reduced workloads for network and infosec teams, ability to monitor every channel from a single pane of glass;

Reduced Risk: better protection from financial losses associated with sophisticated cybercrime, insider fraud and advanced persistent threats (APTs), and from network interruption and outages from DDoS and cybercrime;

Reduced Cost: lower costs associated with network attacks and recovery, fraud losses, chargebacks, and time to triage fraud incidents; retire obsolete solutions.