Infinity GDPR Manager

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Infinity GDPR Manager is the most detailed Award Winning GDPR & Personal Data Privacy Solution

INFINITY GDPR Manager is a modern GDPR Personal Data Privacy solution that simplifies & helps manage your compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Infinity GDPR Manager includes important components such as:

  1. Interactive GDPR Dashboards.
  2. Consents Management (definitions + importing).
  3. Data subjects Management (rights and requests).
  4. Data breach registry (monitoring + informing).
  5. Processing purposes & Processing activities.
  6. Identity risks and Risks assessments (DPIA).
  7. 360° Personal Data Tracking & Mapping.
  8. Document Management (Multi DMS).
  9. Persoanl Data Access log (Audit).
  10. Data storages, Data forms and Data sharings.
  11. GDPR Self Care Portal for end-users.
  12. Personal data protection measures.
  13. GDPR subjct profile & analytics.
  14. Data processing Management.
  15. Internal policies Management.
  16. Data processors & Contracts Management.
  17. Data catalogs Management (categories & data types).
  18. Reviews & Revision Management.
  19. Data controllers & Deadlines Managemen.
  20. Tasks and activities Management.
  21. GDPR Educations and planning.
  22. GDPR reports & PDF persoanl data exports.

It also includes 50+ useful platform tools such as:

  1. Collaboration Management.
  2. Task Management.
  3. E-mail ticketing & tracking.
  4. Events and Calendar Management.
  5. SMS and E-mail notifications.
  6. Chronological Activity tracking.
  7. Internal company Chat.
  8. Email & SMS Reminders.
  9. Document Verification & Approvals.

The system is completely modular, it can be easily upgraded and adjusted to user preferences. It can be also easily integrated over API web services with other internal or external systems.

Infinity GDPR Manager is positioned as a central system for Personal Data protection Management in your organization and can pull and show personal data stored in other systems.

With Infinity GDPR Manager you can simly control managing and processing personal informations of your data subjects (employees, clients, suppliers) through one system.

All this functionalities make Infinity GDPR Manager the most comprehensive and the most detailed GDPR process solution in the global market, what can be used in Cloud or On-premise (on your own servers).

Infinity GDPR Manager is developed on the basis of our award-winning Infinity ECM platform framework, that includes a large number of integrated subsystems what you can combine with Infinity GDPR Manager.