InfoTiles Digital Water Management

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Digitisation designed for the environmental engineering department.

Digitally transform your environmental engineering department with software developed by experts in hydrology.

InfoTiles Digital Water helps city, municipal and related water service providers make sense of their data in real-time to make better decisions. Data is securely collected from multiple sources including IoT, SCADA, Business Systems and transferred to Azure. 

Users log in using existing Microsoft work accounts to analyse data combined from multiple sources to make better business decisions. Field Technicians on mobile devices use interactive dashboards to work more efficiently away from the office. 

Customers using InfoTiles Digital water can expect to recognise improvements to operational productivity in the order of 5%.

InfoTiles is removing poor decisions from the world by helping organisations make sense of their data. Data-driven organisations perform better and enjoy more engaged customers because they deploy resources to where they are most needed.

With InfoTiles, you can expect these key benefits:
  1. To capture data from all your internal sources and combine it with publicly available data sets.
  2. Combine and analyse your data to discover new insights and solve real problems.
  3. To leverage features designed by hydrologists for the water industry.